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Magnetic Customizable Rope Bracelet

You are attracted and appreciated to each other, mutually exclusive, like a magnet, this is the inspiration of this design


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Free Engravings

Engrave what has the specific meanings for you two and just for you two

We are not perfect and neither is our partner. Yet, we can always improve.  

Support one another in striving to grow in the virtue of forgiveness Engravable Bracelet for Couples

Customize your own look!

What you can’t wait to get

The beads bracelets are available with acrylic letter beads from A-Z (no numbers). special and affordable bracelet set for you!

alphabet beads from A-Z

Forming your names, special words or initials only have meanings to you

Let the microelement of gemstones penetrate deeply through the skin into the tissue and muscles, helping you descend to a true state of deep relaxation

Amethyst Anti Aging Rejuvenating Sleep Mask

Rose Quartz Mask

you can make the most of your meditation session with a healing crystal mask, since gemstone quartz carries energies not only beneficial to your skin but also revitalizes your chakras and help you in spiritual growth

About Us

Hi, this is Kathy. I’ve been exploring the inner power for a few year, the more I dug into crystal stones, the more I was wowed by these gifts from the mother earth, carrying the calming and healing energies from crystals. so here I am, I’m bringing the natural and genuine crystals to you, and what’s more, I’d like to integrate their fashion beauty and metaphysical properties into pieces of amazing bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry.

But here’s the BIGGIE…


Here in, I’m doing my best to provide you with tons of value, including motivation pieces, cool training, and techniques.

To start things off on the right foot, I’m going to send you some awesome free training on a regular basis.

That has the power to change your life!