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A couple of years ago when I was working as a clinic receptionist, I’ve seen so many unhappy people around that I explore within: why does happiness seem lasts no more than a little while? And why is each and every good thing ephemeral and lousy thing constant?

Many visitors have decent jobs, get paid well, have supportive families, their endless and depression and anxiety seem came out of nowhere. Does their intensely discontented mindset cause their inward ache? I doubted it.

They also had criticized every single person around, family members and coworkers,even themselves, complaining about everything became habitual. Other than that they couldn’t find a way to break through.

The more they tried to find a way out, the more they felt imprisoned.

Many of them tried everything one can come up with. 

Nonetheless, is devastating to find they were the same or even worse situation, nothing, not alcohol, not a pleasant trip, not a close friend seems to be of any help.

the Growth

Kathy Krempin


It was the momentum pushed me to crave for the answer to the long-asked question: what’s the meaning of life.
I took further study courses where I’ve learned framework of psychology, but the answer was not found just yet; I knew something was missing there. So I keep on diving into meditation, hypnosis, yoga, and even Zen Buddhism, then I found that all these things are merely tools and they share the same nature essentially, the answer doesn’t always come easily to everybody.

I felt far more of a burning desire to share it with you what I know about love, about the Universe, about the meaning of life, most importantly, about ourselves.

Now, I am a crystal fanatic as well as a licensed mental health counselor with a passion for Hypnosis, Meditation and Zen Buddhism.

I found the healing properties from natural crystals are beneficial to my meditation practice and other mindful exercises, so I’ve been exploring more about it, the more I dug into crystal stones, the more I was wowed by these gifts from the mother earth, carrying the calming and healing energies from crystals. so here I am, I’m bringing the natural and genuine crystals to you, and what’s more, I’d like to integrate their fashion beauty and metaphysical properties into pieces of amazing bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry.

But here’s the BIGGIE…Here in Innerjoyclub.com, I’m doing my best to provide you with tons of value, including motivation pieces, cool training, and techniques.

To start things off on the right foot, I’m going to send you some awesome free training on a regular basis.


That has the power to change your life!

 But I am not a master of any kind, I am still learning as I go.

So are you ready to step into a self-exploration journey?