3 Most Amazing Facts about Meditation

When it comes to meditation, your busy mind seems to barely focus on one particular activity, including meditation, which is very helpful to release stress. Is there any way to improve your meditation skills? I'm going to share with you some of my ideas.   Let me tell you a story first.   Sunlun Sayadaw, [...]

4 Easy Rules to Pray: Tips to Hit the Nail on the Head

4.The Universe always knows better[dt_gap height=”30″ /] If you do that regularly enough, ultimately you’ll discover something happens, which has its unique meaning for you, just for you, that’s the way the Universe is communicating with you.[dt_gap height=”20″ /] And the moment it is happening, you recognize it at once that it is an indicative […]

4 Amazing Facts about Swim: Combine Swimming with Yoga

This time-intensive inhalation urges you to be aware of your breath. It feels so awful to choke in the water.[dt_gap height=”20″ /] No matter what kind of swimming stroke you choose, whether it’s freestyle or breaststroke, the principle is nearly the same(although might be a bit different according to your coach):[dt_gap height=”20″ /] Here is […]

5 Important Things You must Know about Yoga as a Beginner

4. What you have to do is accept things as they are[dt_gap height=”20″ /] Allow it to happen, if you want to cry, let the tears drop, try not to analyze what causes this insecurity, depression or sorrow, if you do, you might get caught by the ego again.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]   These emotions might […]

5 Best Ways to Discover and Achieve Life Goals

Here are some of my thoughts, I hope everyone can discover the direction of his life.[dt_gap height=”20″ /] Conclusion: In sum, you can accomplish your life purpose. It’s just a matter of building the right skills to discover it. If you still don’t have a clue, maybe that’s because this is the third step of […]

Top 3 Facts and Tips on the Law of Attraction

When it comes to attracting what you desire into your life, the waters can get muddy when sorting through all the guidance or principals out on the Internet.[dt_gap height="20" /] While you may find some youtube videos that claim to know all the “secrets” you have to know about the law of attraction, that doesn’t [...]
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