Pocket & Tumbled Crystal Stones

These pocket-sized crystal stones are fantastic tools to aid in mindfulness & manifestation, and cleanse any energy blockage

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Crystal Points & Pendulums

Crystal points are wonderful tools for programming energies, energies in this shapely stones are well organized and funneled, pointing its energy to the direction of the tip, whether it’s a single terminated or double terminated point.
Very helpful in Tarot divination and can be used as a center or surrounding stones in any forms of crystal grids.

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Crystal Statues & Figurines

Our crystal statues and figurines are 100% genuine and hand-carved. We know that there are plenty of things people admire, giving them strength specifically, and crystals can take this vibration to an even further level, this is the reason we combine minerals with shapes

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Birthstones are gemstones that accompany a birth month, each having a specific meaning and significance. It can get people luckier, more energetic and wealthy according to your birth month.

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These gift sets are wonderful for anyone looking to get started with crystals or expand their crystal collection

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