Great Vibrations

Everyone is in need of “protection” and something that could absorb negative energy in the daily life
Whether you are a newbie crystal collector, tumbled crystal stones are a great tool for Rock study and Feng Shui decoration. You will be addicted and learning about various crystals and their benefits. You will soon go past the phase as a  beginner

These pocket-sized crystal stones are fantastic tools to aid in mindfulness & manifestation.

We must have balanced energy to keep the body and mind healthy. When you keep the body and mind healthy, it boosts your self-esteem and confidence so that you start living a more healthy life, the mind will flow with greater ease, new ideas will develop, you will stay focused and sensible, your attitude on life will become more positive and you will reduce stress.

Through the healing properties of crystals, one can transform the body and mind to a healthier state. Some crystals can increase your luck, others can help you achieve a balanced mental state, yet others stones can relieve your stress and anxiety, increase love and loyalty, attract wealth and fortune. Your mental power can skyrocket by carrying these tumbled crystals with you in your daily life