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Rose Quartz Handmade Face Regenerating Firming Crystal Mask


Applying this crystal mask helps increase blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and lead to firmer smoother skin with elasticity. Your face will absorb the microelements from the natural rose quartz crystals which revitalize our skin. It enhances the lymphatic drainage and circulation and is one of the best pre-detoxing treatments.


1. Meditative healing properties

You can make the most of your meditation session with a healing crystal mask, since gemstone quartz carries energies not only beneficial to your skin but also revitalizes your chakras and help you in spiritual growth.

Rose Quartz reigns supreme as the king healing crystals, it is a perfect crystal for maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship, whether it’s friendship or love relationship, it will constantly nurture and balance the energies between us.

2. Massage your face

This rose quartz mask is like a personal masseuse for your face as a perfection addition, it completes your skincare routine. Enjoy a lovely spa day using a facial treatment to relieve facial stress and fatigue, promote sleep, and diminish puffiness, soothe eye fatigue and wrinkles, improve blood circulation


This Jade facial mask can massage your face, relieve facial stress and fatigue, promote sleep, and diminish puffiness, soothe eye fatigue and wrinkles, improve blood circulation. Feel the silky smooth and cooling feeling when you put it on and enjoy all the results it gives.

3. Improves the efficiency of skincare

This mask made from natural crystals carries more cool temperature energies to improve the consistency of the ingredients in cosmetics formulas, it gives an instant soothing effect, allows ingredients to get in for better absorption. Not to mention that the microelements of the natural Rose Quartz can soothe puffiness, irritation and redness, also restricts blood vessels to minimize inflammation and relieves irritation.

Healing and Relieving Mask using Genuine Rose Quartz, Melt away your stress and enjoy your facial massage in this Spa treatment

4. Authentic Rose Quartz

We only pick 100% original and premium quality rose quartz from the best origins

How to use:

You can place it in the refrigerator for freezing and it will give you a cooling and relieving sensation


Great as a meaningful and special gift. it can be an ideal gift for your mom, girlfriend, close friends on different holidays, they will definitely enjoy unboxing this incredible gif. It will surely WOW your mother, wife, girlfriend, who wouldn’t love this beauty product which brings cooling, calming properties