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Rose Quartz Jade Roller & Guasha Set Facial Massage Tool Kit For Body Acupressure Anti Aging


In crystal healing practices, Rose quartz is known to help spiritual growth and healing, shield you from negativity while balancing your Heart Chakra and Chi, or your life force. While Gua Sha is a traditional healing and revitalization massage skill of Eastern medicine, it has been used for Skin Detox. Even the most skeptical or anti-woo can use jade to help add an uplifting touch to your skincare routine.


1. Massage your face

This Rose Quartz Roller is like a personal masseuse for your face as a perfection addition, it completes your skincare routine. Enjoy a lovely spa day using a facial treatment with a jade roller. Nothing our Rose Quartz Facial Roller can’t handle

2. Improves the efficiency of skincare

This mask made from natural crystals carries more cool temperature energies to improve the consistency of the ingredients in cosmetics formulas, it gives an instant soothing effect, allows ingredients to get in for better absorption. Not to mention that the microelements of the natural Amethyst can soothe puffiness, irritation and redness, also restricts blood vessels to minimize inflammation and relieves irritation.

3. Meditative healing properties

Rose Quartz reigns supreme as the king healing crystals. The gentle nurturing energy in Rose Quartz can balance vibrations around your house, workplace or spiritual place. Rose quartz also carries amazing metaphysical healing properties, it stimulates and aligns with the Heart chakra.

It invites love and opens our hearts, hole one of these rose quartz crystals in your hand and feeling the soft feeling of love.

4. Authentic Rose Quartz

We only pick 100% original and premium quality rose quartz from the best origins, for this roller, we import material from Brazil

5. Solid Design

We know that how much you need a durable roller, that’s why we’ve adopted the spindle-shaped handle instead of a cylinder grip, which is more likely to be slipping especially when body oils are involved. In addition to that, we are using the silicone components to avoid the squeaky noise. Fittings in gorgeous Rose Gold color

6. 2 in 1 solution

This gift box includes a rose quartz jade roller and a gua sha scraping tool

How to use:

Gently scraping along your face, shoulders, neck, back, arms and even legs with this roller and scraper will give you veritable benefits, it naturally reduces signs of aging, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, removes dark circles and puffiness, dispels false authenticity wrinkles, repairs stretch marks, improve skin metabolism,  plus, releases pain and tension, and promotes  muscle relaxation.  In addition to that, people use this traditional technique for facial sculpture and slimming in modern times. It isn’t just hype


We bring it in an elegant package, making this set also great as a meaningful and special gift. it can be an ideal gift for your mom, girlfriend, close friends on different holidays, they will definitely enjoy unboxing this incredible gift.