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Golden Rutilated Quartz Beaded Bracelet with Ginkgo Leaf Charm

  • Rutilated quartz gets its name from the titanium dioxide inclusions inside. It also has many rutile color variations, like black, golden, purple, etc. these minerals exhibit hair or thread-like designs and amplifies the energies of clear quartz.


  • Golden Rutilated Quartz brings abundance for the wearer, magnetize and manifest fortune and wealth into your life. this highly vibrational gemstone also cleanses the negative mood, helps you get out of depression.


  • This bracelet also features a Ginkgo Leaf charm, this plant has the symbolic meaning of longevity, peace, resilience, and hope.


  • Bead size approx: 8mm


  • All fittings are made of 925 sterling silver plated with gold, hypoallergenic, ideal for daily wear, but taking it off when shower and sunbathe is strongly recommended.