Aromatherapy Crystal Stone Essential Oil Diffuser


Have you ever thought of combining your loved crystal stones with aromatherapy, double strengthening the healing power from gemstones and the therapeutic properties from essential oils?

  • Do you know that this is trending and effective new way to utilize crystals and plant-based oils? This crystal stone diffuser provides a calming atmosphere with high vibration to rejuvenate peace and relaxation for your body and spirit.


  • Whether you are a crystal lover or remain skeptical about their healing energies, this 2 in 1 solution is more than just gemstone home decor.


  • For crystal fanatics, this gemstone essential oil diffuser involves visual and olfactory sensations, Let these 2 pure and natural gifts from the Mother Earth work together to amplify the healing energies from crystal stones and boost your energy by the scents, detoxifying your body.


  • Aromatherapy is a process of focusing on the breath, naturally a meditation exercise, it’s an art of living in the present, and crystal stones can even bring this process to a further level.
  • Essential oils

We choose plant-based and water-soluble essential oils that were carefully distilled and concentrated. They help with stress, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, etc.  We’ve specifically selected 5 Essential oils, Freesia, Lavender, Lime Basil Mandarin, Rose, White Tea. They offer relief for stressed nervous systems with a calming and soothing blend and help the whole being shed negativity and tension. They can instantly trigger brain responses, associations. For those who are sensitive, aromatherapy can balance out hormone levels, and noticeably reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, headaches, improve your mental health.

  • Benefits

  1. Brighten up your mood and relax your body: Some crystals have the purifying power to cleanse our energy field, with help of essential oils, the aromas of which can detoxify the air pollution and neutralize negative ions emitted from electronic devices, which is known as EMF. Great for meditation, yoga spaces
  2. Decoration: This gift set offers a decorative as well as a pleasurable way of setting a positive atmosphere, diffusing oils naturally in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, or car. Adding a few drops of essential oils on top of the stones is really enjoying itself. Place them at your favorite spots, the center of a coffee desk, kitchen sink, etc. It serves as a gorgeous addition.
  3. Gift choice:Ideal gift for any special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

how to display your crystal diffuser






      1. How to use aromatherapy crystal diffuser?

  • Add a few drops of essential oil and display them near your favorite spots to scent your bedroom, living room bathroom kitchen or your car,

You can become creative and imaginative to come up with thoughts on how and where you can display this crystal diffuser


      2. How do you obtain the essential oils?

  • Our essential oils are natural oils that incorporate the essence and the quintessence of a plant. They’re the oils that are refined or squeezed from special elements of the plant. These sweet-smelling mixes can have numerous down to earth and helpful properties.

      3. what are the healing properties of the crystals:

  • Amethyst: Amethyst invites the protective energy during meditation sessions to better connect to your higher self. As the birthstone of February, Amethyst helps to calm the mind and ease anxiety. it also tickles and empowers the crown chakra and directly connects to the spiritual or divine levels.


  • Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz reigns supreme as the king healing crystals, it is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children, providing beautiful dreams as well as preventing nightmares or night terrors. It also helps children to not be afraid of the dark
    It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears, and resentments. Rose Quartz is a wonderful sleep crystal for adults and children


  • Citrine: Citrine is the November birthstone, best known for its calming energies, it also encourages a cheerful outlook, opens the way for good fortune. Assists in accepting abundance, and gives the courage to make hard choices


  • Clear Quartz: It is known as the “master healer” and is used to cleanse, open, activates, and align all of the chakras.
    It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds


  • Fluorite: Fluorite will assist people with learning difficulties and enhance focus. It supports the brain in thinking through complex problems. It will cleanse electromagnetic radiation, so for those who are working on a computer frequently, fluorite will serve as a protective tool.


  • Salt Rocks: Salt Rocks have powerful purifying and detoxifying energies to absorbs any negative energy in your energy field.


  • Lava Stones: Lava Stone is a grounding and calming stone that fortifies one’s association with Mother Earth.


      4. Do you offer bulk prices?


     5. How is the item packed?

  • We bring it in an elegant package, making this set also great as a meaningful and special gift. it can be an ideal gift for your mom, girlfriend, close friends on different holidays, they will definitely enjoy unboxing this incredible gift.
  • Although the gift box and wrapping may be slightly different from what you see in the listing due to the different production batches.


     6. Do you offer genuine or fake heated dyed crystals?

  • Our crystals, stones, quartz are 100% natural and genuine, all-natural crystals may have imperfections and defects like mineral deficiency, natural cotton crystal, concave surface, is not a quality problem. Please expect and allow some variations in color and pattern
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Freesia, Lavender, Lime Basil Mandarin, Rose, White Tea