Aromatic Handmade Coffee Bean Scented Soy Wax Tablet


  • This coffee essential oil soy wax tablet breaks the stereotype of aromatic products, for most people, coffee is the first thing in the morning, so many of them associate coffee to wakefulness, in addition to that, the invigorating aroma triggers positive feelings, thus, fight depression
  • It’s a handmade item is made with coffee beans, vanilla,  coffee essential oils, and organic soy wax. some customers reflected that they can smell clearly the tasting coffee top note, and white floral as the middle note, vanilla as the base note.


  • It comes in a delicate gift box which may vary in shape


  • Not only does it emits a refreshing scent, but also offers a decorative design, Place it at your favorable spots like your bathroom, office, the center of a coffee desk, kitchen sink, etc. . or simply hang it on a wall, in your car.


  • All of our items are for retail as well as wholesale, Please DM me if you are interested in bulk price via facebook group/Messenger/Email













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Rectangle, Round shape