Black Obsidian Rutilated Quartz Sun Moon Charm Bracelet


We are not perfect and neither is our partner. Yet, we can always improve. Support one another in the striving to grow in the virtue of forgiveness

With one black obsidian bead framed by sterling silver, this black rutilated quartz bracelet collaborates with obsidian to enhances the overall forgiveness power.

Rutilated Quartz is an illuminator, promoting spiritual growth, energizes the aura. It helps to reach the root of problems and facilitates transitions and a change of direction.


* Rutilated Quartz soothes dark moods and acts as an antidepressant, promoting forgiveness at all levels. It works as a perfect forgive me gift.

* Black obsidian is a powerful stone that emanates clarity. Some of our customers reflected that they felt its power from the first touch and it gives great vibration. I’m sure it works even better with your other gemstone combination.

* The 8mm beads of are medium-sized, not so petite or chunky, suitable for both small and big wrists.

* 100% Genuine Black Rutilated Quartz and Obsidian Beads

* No dyed, no color enhanced, all the metal used on this bracelet is Solid Genuine .925, Sterling Silver

* 2 patterns available: Star and Moon Charm, they can never leave each other, just like you two.

* Handmade Jewelry, Artisan Crafting

* This bracelet is a perfect finishing layer for both casual and formal outfit. If you are looking for a cool beaded bracelet that’s a great value at a great price

There are up and downs, joy, and pain in every relationship let these little bracelets allow you two to feel connected, feeling together no matter where you are & no matter how far with your lovers, Mom, dad, daughter, sister, and best friend.

Distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but so sweet when knowing you are missing each other at all times. it would not be cheesy to choose these black bracelets since it’s the color of serenity and mature. These distance couple bracelets are comfortable to wear and every couple needs that extra strength sometimes.

Star Moon Charm

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