High-Vibrational One of a Kind Uruguay Deep Purple Amethyst Cathedral Geode


  • Invite good Feng Shui and live in harmony with your clutter
  • People hate to admit but we can’t eliminate clutter and stress, the truth is we can take control over those unwanted energies. Incorporate some feng shui elements to balance your vibration and align with your surroundings. that’s the essence of feng shui, yes, manage your clutter.


  • These violet amethysts cathedral geodes create a manageable aura in your living room, place it aside of your altar to enhance the cleaning power of your sacred spot, spread the protective, calming healing energies of Amethyst. It breaks the circulation of clutter, stress and emotional turmoil and brings harmony and serenity.


  • High-Grade Amethyst Cathedral Geode is also known as the treasure box in China, people believe that this home decor attracts good fortune and luck, the energies accumulate inside this basin-shaped cave and become even stronger as time goes by


  • As the birthstone of February, Amethyst helps to calm the mind and ease anxiety. it also tickles and empowers the crown chakra and directly connects to the spiritual or divine levels.
  • Each one of these Amethyst Cathedral crystals will be different in color, shape, color, and pattern, we have small/medium/large/ Gigantic size of those cathedral geodes


  • Please DM me if you are interested in one of the others by facebook group/Messenger/Email to get a specific price and pattern


  • If you purchase it as it will be for the crystal geode in RANDOM SHAPE AND PATTERN.


  • Small: Approx 1.6-2KG


  • Medium: Approx 2.5-5KG


  • Large: Approx 5-8KG


  • Gigantic: different in weight and pattern, pls contact us.


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  • Email – kathy@innerjoyclub.com
Crystal Size

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