Green Phantom Crystal Bracelet


• Luck • Life Purpose • Creativity

Chlorite inside the Phantom Crystals makes it wonderful and unique in every single way and precious too.

Don’t you want to find out what your life purpose is? with the power of nature, one set foot on the journey of self-exploration. Phantom crystals are one of the powerful sources from mother earth

There’s a purpose behind everyone’s life,
There’s a mechanism in place,
There’s a process that’s being undertaken in life, by in life itself, and that process is the process by which we as the livers of this life.

-Neale Donald Walsch



• Hematite version makes the red color and boosts your creativity and happiness.

• Everything exists in limited quantity – especially happiness.

• Green phantom is also a kind of gemstone with the meaning of increasing your luck. The pattern going upwards is considered to increase all kinds of luck. It would support your dreams or goals. Green ghost gemstone is also known for getting ambition and the mind of not giving up.

• 9-10 mm Green or Red Natural Phantom Beads

• Adjustable String Rope

• An ideal gift with exquisite beauty, also carries tons of meanings, especially for luck and self-exploration.

• All fittings used 14K gold-filled

• All natural stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture



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