Moonstone Amethyst Birthstone Bracelet


Creative design: a genuine amethyst bead inside of a 925 Sterling Silver Star of David.

Feeling powerless and agitated during a meditation session? Amethyst can help. As the birthstone of February, Amethyst helps to calm the mind and ease anxiety

Moonstone is said to be June’s birthstone. It has been used as a powerful talisman and a lucky stone since ancient times.
Like the moonlight, Moonstone has a reflective, calming and cleansing energy.


* Both the Romans and the Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities.
it invokes a spectrum of light. Microscopic layers of moonstones scatter light to cause this billowy effect of adularescence, for this bracelet, a bluish sheen.

* Star of David consists of two intertwined triangles: one pointing up to God and the other pointing down to man, symbolizing the relationship between the two—”the interpenetration of two realms” (source: Franz Rosenzweig, Star of Redemption, 1912). The six points are said by Rosenzweig to represent two triads: creation, revelation, and redemption, along with God, Israel, and the Gentile world.

* 7-8 MM Genuine Moonstone Beads

* 5 MM Amethyst Bead

* All fittings used 925 Sterling Silver

* Handmade Jewelry, Artisan Crafting


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