Polished Green Fluorite Single Terminated Points


  • We are not going to be able to change ourselves overnight, with perseverance, you’ll find that the healing property of Green fluorite will power your brain to make great choices, leading negative energy from the environment and brings cleansing, renewal, and a spring-like freshness to the chakras, we know that everything is set on the right track.  you’ll be able to improve your mind and also control your mind. you are going to be able to learn a lot and also become a better person


  • Green fluorite brings information from the subconscious and helps the emotional body understand issues of the heart, both current and of the past, beneficial to Heart Chakra particularly



Well polished hexagonal gray labradorite point tower


  • Our crystals, stones, quartz are 100% natural and genuine, all natural crystals may have imperfections and defects like mineral deficiency, natural cotton crystal, concave surface, is not a quality problem. Please expect and allow some variations in color and pattern.


  • Size stated in the drop box, please expect a small variation in size, the error is AROUND 3mm. If There is no stock of the size you buy, we’ll send a bigger one to you generally.


  • There are also phantom inclusions inside the crystal. Please note this Fluorite is very dark, and the color is best seen up to the light. With a nice flat base, it can stand on its own, and also fits nicely in your palm. Some of this fluorite towers might be a bit foggy, but I will select clear ones as possible.


  • Excellent for chakra cleansing, reiki healing, Feng Shui decoration, and crystal grids, all kinds of crafts projects, beach wedding, fountain, flower pot or decoration.