Rose Quartz Hexagon Jewelry Display Pad


  • Want to enhance the relationship and feel connected no matter where you are?


  • The rose quartz or pink crystal carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and is believed to be a mothering crystal, inspiring nurturing of the self if one has lost their own mother. It promotes bonding and is a good stone to place on the stomach during pregnancy


  • Great tool for mental healing: as the hexagon is found throughout nature, it is believed that it is the connecting center of universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back.  It teaches you more the more you look at it and reflect on it.


  • It can be used as a Crystal Charging Pad/ Jewelry Display Pad as well as a Drink Coaster/ Cup Mat


  •  Thickness Approx: 8 mm


  • The shape is made by hand grinding, so please expect some slight difference from the size stated.
  • 100% natural and genuine Madagascar Rose Quartz, all natural crystals may have imperfections and defects like mineral deficiency, natural cotton crystal, concave surface, is not a quality problem.
  • Please expect and allow some variations in color and pattern, for they’re natural stones so each piece is unique
  • Some reflected that they felt its power from the first touch and it gives great vibration. it works even better with your other gemstone combination
  • Healing stones for Meditation, Reiki, Fengshui, Healing, Manifestation, Chakra Balancing, Energy Magnification, Reduce electromagnetic radiation, and demagnetizing