Make a promise

Rings represent engagement in each other’s life, promises and commitments between two people as a general symbol of devotion to one another

Pi Xiu Charm Turquoise Fengshui Adjustable Protecting Ring

  • Pi Xiu or Pi Yao is a mythical and celestial beast in Chinese mythology, its fierce appearance resembling a dragon, unicorn and a horse, ward off bad luck and any evil. This amulet has been believed to safeguard the wearer and his/her possessions. Besides, people say that it attracts good fortune and treasure for its owner other than just being a guardian.


  • Hand-carved Pi Xiu Head Charm Turquoise Bead Ring features its sharp claws around. you can easily adjust the size of this 925 Sterling Silver Fengshui Ring, both suitable for man and woman.


  • Bead size approx: 17X13mm


  • Turquoise protects you and your possessions against theft, loss or attack, helps prevent accidents, especially falls, and even guards your pet. Due to the nature of turquoise, it has some marbleizing in it.variations in colors/shades/matrix and imperfections are normal


Green Nephrite Jade Hetian Jade Wire Wrapped Open Ring

  • Hetian Jade also called as Hotan Jade, falls into the Nephrite Jade category. Hetian is a Chinese province famous for the top-quality nephrite. It has a long history of being used as a valuable jewelry material.
  • It’s believed to attract wealth and good luck, seen as a protective talisman in many cultures,  nephrite jade also heightens the sensitivity of the Heart Chakra, promotes its energy, the balancing energy of this jade makes it great for working with the Heart Chakra
  • This dainty open ring is adjustable, you can pull open the ring to perfect size to your finger if you feel like tight.


  • It features a flashy nephrite jade with greenish luster, along with two natural tourmaline small beads


  • Hand wrapped 14K non-tarnish filled gold wire into swirling wave, hammered to highlight the gemstone